life without twitter is sad

Twitter is an addiction, clearly. So I decided to desactivate my account and it’s so sad. It’s been 3 days and I’m still waiting until I will feel no urge to waste my time on Twitter. Ugh.


could you leave everything you have?

Hi guys.

This is a question I’m asking myself. Just taking all I need and leave the place where I am to find a place I belong. Like everyone, I’m looking for myself. I’m trying to do some personal development to find what I want in life. I don’t look for a purpose, because I finally don’t want to have one. I just want to be myself and doing the best I can.

All my life, every time things goes wrong, I just delete everything I can to restart fresh. And I think it’s time to do a big restart. Just press the reset button. But that means, for me, to be minimalist. I will take only what I need from this life. But I can’t ghost this life because I have a family, and unfortunately, I’m attached to them. And my cats, God knows I love them.

So,could you reset your life? This is scary as f. I’m afraid. But that doesn’t mean it has to not be prepared. This kind of thing has to be planned, seriously. But not to much. Because I know myself, the more I will ask myself questions, the more I will panic.

So yeah, thinking of it.

What about you?

Take care of yourself.

I gess this blog is not dead (yet)

Well, well, well, I think an « hello » could be a good start.

So… Hello guys! My not real name’s Whale and I’m a blogger, when I remember I have a blog. Welcome, have a seat, take a cup of tea, we’re gonna talk (I’m gonna write, you’re gonna read).

So what’s the purpose of that blog? It doesn’t have one. I did looking for one, but it resulted useless posts where I shared my thoughts. So, I took a decision: this blog is made for nothing important. Just me, talking stuff.

Most of the times, this stuff it’s me failing. I’m a master in failing. If somedays you need to learn how to fail your objectives: ask me. It would be an honor to teach you.

I used to talk about writing, but then, I realised I’m a total newbe who thinks because I wrote 3 pages, I can give lessons about writing.

I used to share my unfinished drawings. Hoping people will like them. But well, there weren’t great.

So what do I do now? Useless posts like this one. Honestly, I don’t know what to share here. I don’t know if I should keep that blog online or not. This blog is a fail (told you).

When I see other blogs, people are talking about what they like, what they do. But I do believe it would be as boring as this post is, if I do it too.

I have a lot of existentialist crisis. I doubt about myself every day. I can’t be sure and said: I do that now because I want it.

So, this is probably a useless blog, but I will try to post more often (I mean, more often than ever can’t be difficult). So if you like that post (why?) follow me?????????????

Have a nice life, take care of yourself.


Some news (again) about my wonderfull (no) life

Yes, I’m alive, woo!

Good morning guys! Have a nice pride month! I come back because I don’t wanna let this blog die. Yet, it’s kinda what’s hapening.

So, update about my situation. Because this is the subject of that blog: me. Mouarf, it sounds so selfish… I love it!

1. I totally don’t know how to stop snaking betwin meals, yeah. Bye bye beach body, hello overweigth, huuuuu.

2. I like to say, « Sacrebleu ! », it sounds so french that even french people don’t say it! Except me, btw.

3. I still don’t know what tfw means. I read it like « the fuck what », but I guess that’s not what it means.

4. I’m pretty sure I will finish to write my novel in a decade. Be patient.

5. I have no idea how to write my short novel. Be patient for this one too.

6. One of my cactus is unhappy, I don’t know why.

7. I love my cats. That’s an important fact to know.

8. I draw more than usual, so this is my last drawing that I’m proud of.


And we finish on that point. Hope you like that useless post written to keep my blog alive.

Take care of yourself, see you when I will remember I have a blog, bye!


a camp nano update & some talk about my short novel


I’ve talked to you about the camp nano before, so an update. How far I am on my 15k words objective. I’ve currently filled 5%! Woo! That’s deep shit. I still have 15 days, but they gonna be fulled. Except if I plan well. But I’m so bad at planning. I know, I always start like I will lose, and I’ve talked about that last time, telling you what if I try, for once, to not be a loser. So yep, nothing’s done, I still have a chance.

So what’s my short novel about?

It’s about a man who had to leave everything (and I realize I start the same way for my long novel, but anyway) to find his brother, Ulrich, to protect him. He’s (the narrator) with his young horse, walking, thinking, discovering. At first, things are not that bad, but then, shit’s coming.

So, specific stuff to know.

The sky’s yellow, he doesn’t know why. His brother is with their dog. Their parents are in shelters under the protection of the government and the army. Ulrich doesn’t trust any of them, and decide to follow a random group to the opposite side. After few days of reflection, the narrator left his house to find his brother.

That’s all I will tell you for today. I’m writing in french, but if, in the end, my readings are liked, and if you want it, I could translate them in english.

What inspired me? The yellow sky we had for a day, last year, in west France.


This picture is not edited. That was what we saw, a monday. Beautiful. It looks like there’s a filter, but no, that was real, I lived it!

That’s all for today. Have a nice day guys, take care of yourself, whale.

I’m feeling good (???????)

What the heck happened? I’m feeling good, like yeah, good. How? I have one last thing to do: enjoy this time!

Yes, I have made a blog post just to say I’m feeling good. Because it’s so rare I do believe I have to mark it in the marble (or at least here). And that’s my blog, so whatever!

update: i failed — and a new challenge

Did I forgot I had a blog? Yes I 100% did. I’m a terrible (but honest) blogger!


So what I am talking about in my title? What did I failed? Except my life, the 30 days challenge without snaking between meals I talked about in the last post. I lasted 12 days before the terrible fail. At least, it’s better than nothing. But yeah, I could do it, but I used the pressure as a first excuse, and then my periods. Both were reals, but I’ve just taken the first reason to fail my own challenge.

And I failed all challenge I gave to myself. I enter the camp nanowrimo in the objective of writing 15 000 words this month. And of course I know I will fail that challenge. Because I always do. But a part of me is like « girl, fight! ». And I don’t know. What if, for once, I give it a try. What if, for once, I don’t go with the idea I will fail. I know I can do it.

I write in french, but if a lot of you are interested to read my writings in english, I would translate them with pleasure (but only 3 losts readers read my posts… hi guys!).

Have a nice life, see you soon, whale.

is it possible to stop snacking between meals?

Wow, it’s me again. With a new post, awesome! So hey! I gave myself a challenge : stop snacking between meals for 30 days. Today it’s the day 5 and I didn’t break it. So, I have to keep the right way for 25 more days. Gosh.

It’s not the first time I change my nutrition for something more sane. And every time, I’ve seen the same stuff: I take weight at the beginning. I’m pretty sure it’s how my body prepare itself to a famine crisis. Because as I eat less, for it, that’s mean less food, so let’s stack!

A study said (I don’t know if a study can say something, but nvm) that we need 60 days to create a habit and keep it. That means, in theory, if I stop snacking for 2 months, I will never snack again. That’s bullshit! Times ago, I had a period when for months, I stopped snacking. But, a bad news come and I find comfort in unhealthy food. Or when I have a anxiety crisis. Food helps me a lot in hard time like that.

One day, I asked myself, what’s the more important: the healthiness of my body or the healthiness of my soul? I still haven’t find the answer. Because both matters.

So now, I try a new way: eat better meals to stop snacking. And you’re gonna tell me: this is obvious, girl. But you know, when you haven’t experiment something, it’s really hard to get the concept. Idk if it’s clear, guess you get it (gosh, I’m a bad blogger!).

When this challenge ends, I’m gonna add a new challenge: keep stop snacking and do a little bit of sports. Because I spend most of my time sat. And it’s bad for my back. I secretly hope to have a beach body this summer. So I could wear dresses without being self conscious of my body.

I will give you the results of this challenge, stay tuned. Have a nice day, see you soon (I hope), whale.

wow, some news

I’m pretty sure, you forgot that blog exists. Hey! So, few things to say. First, as you can see, I now write in english. I’m still french but, idk, I like blogging in english. Perhaps because I like reading english blog, even if I stayed away from the blogosphere for a moment. But, I missed blogging. For this last months, I was asking myself. I’ve made a post where I was asking myself « what can I bring here? ». But I found the answer: nothing. So, is that blog useless? Yes! But I will try my best to make that useless blog a blog you wanna read!

So, what type of posts there will be? Feelgood, writing, books, drawing and that’s pretty much.

When will come the next post, I mean, the real post ? Perhaps soon, perhaps never. Stay tuned!

Perhaps you have already seen, but I’m trying to do a youtube channel. In french. So that youtube channel won’t be attached to that blog. I like to keep stuff separated.

That’s all folks. Take care of yourself, whale.